August 2018 at the Father Lacombe Chapel

Crafting was an important part of life out on the prairies. Knitting and crocheting to make warm clothes in the winter time, quilting to make a blanket not only to keep your family warm, but also to pass the long, cold winter evenings. Activities had their uses, to waste time doing nothing could result in […]

Laying down the path for In Their Footsteps

In preparation for our next exhibition, In Their Footsteps, the Musée Héritage Museum staff and volunteers are getting moccasins and mukluks ready for display. This exhibition displays a selection of footwear emphasizing the artistic creativity of the Dené, Cree, and Métis people of Western Canada. We welcome guest curators, Bill and Michelle Tracy, as they […]

Dyeing Wool with Marigolds

The other day, the interpreters at the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park decided to use some of the marigolds growing in front of the train station to dye some of the wool yarn that our friends at the Father Lacombe Chapel spun. This was something that was surprisingly easy to do using ingredients we already […]

Volunteer at the Musée profile: Meet Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah, I’m 16 years old and I’ve been volunteering at the museum since last summer. I originally decided to start volunteering at the museum because I’m at that time in my life where we have to start to think about what our careers are going to be.  I thought about going […]

Buffalo-Bison-Paskwa Moostoos outreach program with Edmonton Public Library

Once again, the Musée Héritage Museum has been invited to present a program at all Edmonton Public Library locations this summer!  The hour long drop in program is called: Buffalo-Bison-Paskwa Moostoos This year the program is all about an amazing animal, the bison, and how Indigenous Peoples used the bison from the nose to the […]

From the Archives: St. Albert Booster

The St. Albert Booster was a weekly newspaper published in the 1980s. It later became Saint City News, which closed its doors in 2011. While processing the records of Margaret Plain, we were excited to find two issues of the St. Albert Booster! We do not have many issues of the St. Albert Booster or […]

“Style” – New photo exhibit at Red Willow Place

The Musée Héritage Museum has been working with the St. Albert Seniors Association installing photo exhibits at Red Willow Place in downtown St. Albert.  The large wall at this location is perfect for this kind of display and all of the photographs come from the Musée Héritage Museum archives.  We had installed two photo exhibits […]

Great Canadian Flag Debate Contest 2018

Canada Day at the Little White School was a lot of fun this year! As in previous years, we ran our “Great Canadian Flag Debate” contest, which asks participants to come up with a new, creative design for the Canadian Flag. This contest hearkens back to 1964, when the Canadian government was deciding on a […]

“Information is ours collectively to share”

The archivists at the Musée Héritage Museum had the pleasure of attending the Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA) national conference held in Edmonton from June 7 – 9, 2018. This year’s theme was “Truths, Trust, and Technology”. Technology is being used to advance all facets of life, and the archives is no different. This conference […]

Statue makeovers at the St. Albert Grotto

The grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in St. Albert is a replica of the popular pilgrimage site in Lourdes, France. Originally it was built in 1920 by some young Oblate Brothers, who were studying at the local seminary, with river stones brought up from farms and the Sturgeon River. The parents of the Brothers […]