Exhibitions: Sit Down and I’ll Tell You a Story

If chairs could talk! Featuring artifacts from such diverse places as the Alberta Legislature, Youville Convent, and Bruin Inn bar, each of the chairs in this exhibition is connected to a story, person, and time.

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Perron Street Arena (Ducky Dome), Jun. 1984.Exhibitions: St. Albert History Gallery

In honour of Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, The Musée Héritage Museum is pleased to present its brand new St. Albert History Gallery in the permanent space.

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Learning: Aboriginal Programs

The Musée Héritage Museum offers curriculum-based programs for all grade levels in areas of Aboriginal and historic content. Our programs focus on history and St. Albert, natural history or individualized programs that are created to meet individual classroom needs based on curriculum standards and expectations.

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Over the last week we’ve shown how many different groups – including genealogists, artists, professionals, teachers and students, artists, and historians – use the archives. The only thing missing is you!
#EveryoneCanVisitUs, #ArchivesWeek2019

Who visits the Archives? Teachers and Students! Archives are a treasure trove of local government records, containing information about former Mayors, City Councillors, and our local history. #TeachersVisitUs #ArchivesWeek2019

Who visits the Archives? Historians! Case in point - the biography of Brigadier-General Raymond Brutinel was written using resources uncovered from the archives.
HistoriansVisitUs #ArchivesWeek