We are inviting families to share their stories of leaving their homes in Eastern Europe for a new life in Canada. In 2012, the exhibition Slavic St. Albert was created to tell the stories of immigrants who chose to settle in St. Albert, looking for a more peaceful and prosperous life. Some of the content is once again on display in the St. Albert History Gallery, as a reminder of the difficulties faced by many immigrants. The full exhibition text can be read here.

Your stories will add to the work of historian Michal Mlynarz who researched the backgrounds of St. Albert’s Eastern European families, documenting the narratives of people escaping hardship, war and political oppression in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Russia during the 20th century. Many made their way to Canada, and eventually settled in St. Albert and the surrounding region.

The narratives are amazing and demonstrate the fortitude of the people who were often caught in the middle of conflict. Anyone wishing to share their stories of settling in the Capital Region after coming to Canada from Eastern Europe is encouraged to submit their stories.

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Michal Mlynarz with research participants Anna Eshpeter and John Maruszewski, 2012.