Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. Blog Series – Part 1: Leland Stanford Williams

Hello there, it’s Megan, your friendly in-house Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. project archivist!


We’re in the final stretch of processing the Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. collection, but want to take the chance to showcase some cool things that I’ve found over the past year of working through it! Welcome to the Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. project series!


Welcome to part 1 of this blog series, “Leland Stanford Williams”!


Lee Williams at the office, with his prize horses, and with his familyLee Williams was a cattleman, horseman, and family man – quite the avid multitasker!


Lee would become the principle of Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd., which essentially defined what he would be doing for the rest of his life (he continued working until he was 90 years of age).  I may never have met Lee in-person, but I’ve grown fond of him by vicariously living through his many typewritten letters, photos, and hats!


"A hat for every day of the week"

A hat for every day of the week!


What I have learned is that Lee was a man who did everything with a passion. At the company office, he addressed complaint letters himself, and made sure to follow-up with those who slowed things down. At the racetracks, he was involved in racing and exhibition associations and bred winning steeds. At home, he devoted his love to his wife, Marion, and son, Jack.


Be sure to visit this amazing exhibition in the fall to experience the objects that reflect Lee’s passionate life firsthand!