Update on the St. Albert Historical Society Photographs

While working on the St. Albert Historical Society’s photographs, we found that there are four photographs with a backdrop and the same car. Each image has different families or friends in the car.  On the back of one of the photos someone wrote “Picture taken at Exhibition”.  We are curious to know at what exhibition these photographs were taken.

Below are the photographs from the St. Albert Historical Society fonds with the similar backdrop as well as information about each image. Enjoy!

Laura, Joseph, Pete and Yvonne Delisle, ca. 1917. 2003.01Delisles
 Brenneis and Kluthes in car, 1916 – 1917.  2003.01.992


Matilda Dalton and friends, 1910s – 1920s. 2003.01.1684


Tena Perron, Alex Perron, Chick Harnois, Mrs. Harnois and others, 1910s – 1920s. 2003.01.1732