Tunisia mosaic doors at Ronald Harvey Elementary School

We had a great time on March 16th visiting Ronald Harvey School for outreach programs.

It is always nice to visit our friends at Ronald Harvey where earlier in the year we presented the Grade 3 Rocks and Minerals program and then were invited back to deliver two Grade 3 Tunisia programs.

Throughout the Tunisia program museum programmers help children identify and recognize similarities, and differences, between Canada (with a focus on the province of Alberta) and the North African country of Tunisia. Learning about Tunisia is part of the Grade 3 Social Studies curriculum in Alberta.


As you can see, Mrs. Barry’s class did a great job on the arts and crafts portion of their workshop, as they teamed up to create a wonderful “Roman mosaic” in the shape of a “Moorish door” or “horseshoe arch.”

Both of these art forms, the Roman mosaic and the Moorish horseshoe arch, were brought to Tunisia when those peoples swept through what would later become “Tunisia” at different times in the country’s history. To this day, Tunisia is well-known worldwide for its ancient Roman and medieval Moorish architecture.

Once again, thanks to the great staff and students at Ronald Harvey Elementary School for welcoming us into your school!