The work behind Keeping the Peace

The Musée Héritage Museum has just finished installing our new exhibition, Keeping the Peace. This exhibition explores the history of law and order in North-Central Alberta, with focus on the areas around Edmonton, St. Albert, and Fort Saskatchewan.

The exhibition will cover the policing history in our region going back hundreds of years. Our region has been served by various policing services, such as the North West Mounted Police, Alberta Provincial Police, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The exhibition will also discuss local self-governing in our community, such as the “bye laws” created by the Metis in St. Albert in the late 1800s. (If you are interested in reading the full listing of the “bye laws” enacted in St. Albert, please view here: St Albert Bye Laws)

Our staff have been actively working to get this exhibition ready, doing various tasks from researching, designing, writing panel information, painting, sewing, ironing, brush vacuuming, to lifting a bison’s head!

The exhibition is finally open! It will be at our museum until April 26, 2020. Please come on down to visit this unique exhibition about our policing history. Please contact 780-459-1528 or if you have any questions or comments.