The Musée staff is busy setting up “Celebrate St. Albert!” our new exhibition opening April 26!




The Musée Héritage Museum staff is  currently installing the next exhibition at the museum, Celebrate St. Albert!, an exhibition that looks at historic and recent celebrations and festivities that have taken place in, and around St. Albert.





What could you expect to see when once we have finished installing the exhibition?




Well,  first of all you will definitely see some very clean, bright, shiny, large men.



















Then you might find some big furry friends!



Do you know who this character is and what St. Albert celebration he was part of?




Giant fish kite

You will see some colour, actually lots of colours!




There will be a variety of items, from our collection, out on display to commemorate the historic and current celebrations of St. Albert.


The exhibition will open to the public on April 26, 2016 and we invite you to drop in between April 26 and June 19, 2016 to see this exhibition at the museum.


For more information visit our website, call 780 459-1528 or email  We look forward to meeting you!