“Take Your Best Shot” Photo Submissions Due Soon!

Our annual Take Your Best Shot Youth Digital Photo Contest is up and running! This year the theme is “Shape Search.” 

We are looking for creative interpretations of this very open-ended theme. Where do you see shapes in your life? How does nature create shapes? How can you create shapes, and document them?  

            We will be creating three groups for entries, with a chance to win first, second, and third place in each group. The groups are: grades 3-6, grades 7-9, and grades 10-12.  Entries will be judged on: choice of subject, creativity, quality of photo, and written description. Winning entries will be displayed at the Musée Héritage Museum from November 21-January 18, 2014 with a special reception and prize presentation held December 4.

NEW THIS YEAR: We will have a special display for up-and-coming photographers grade 2 and under in the Discovery Room!

Submission by Serena for Take Your Best Shot 2013
The upcoming deadline for submissions is October 14, 2014. Please email your submission to caitlinc@artsandheritage.ca, or drop it off on a CD at the museum. Winners will be notified by November 7, 2014. Entries for the special display can be sent to torim@artsandheritage.ca.