Take Your Best Shot exhibit opening and Snowflake Festival 2013

The place was packed again last Friday for our Take Your Best Shot exhibit opening, which was part of the annual Snowflake Festival in St. Albert.

The 3rd Take Your Best Shot photo contest invited youth from Grades 3 – 12 to submit photographs based on the theme of “Play” in St. Albert. The exhibit opening invited contestants, their families, and all visitors to view the entries on display. As well, there was a prize reception for the top three in each age category of Grades 3 – 6, Grades 7 – 9, and Grades 10 – 12.

There were also plenty of other activities happening at the Musée during the Snowflake Festival. Check out some of the action.

Tori helping make snowflakes with some youngsters.

Sharon was busy all night, helping make snowflakes

All submitted photographs to the contest are now on display at the Musée Héritage Museum until January 12, 2014. Check out some of the winning entries below. We invite all youth to stay tuned for next year’s contest. All of us at the Musée enjoy the truly unique works of our local talent and appreciate the opportunity to display them for our community to enjoy as well. A grand thank you to our sponsor, McBain Camera, for making this photo contest possible.
Maya, Grade 6
2nd Prize, Grades 3 – 6
“I was taking pictures at the playground when my sister Maureen flipped upside-down on the glider. I lay down on my back below her to take the picture, and then I scrambled out of the way before she swung her feet back down!

I chose this picture because it almost makes my sister look like a superhero coming out of the cloudy sky.”

Calvin, Grade 6
3rd Prize, Grades 3 – 6
“I took this photo on a field near my school where like to play football. I chose this photo because I like how the football, in flight, stands out in the picture because of its bright yellow colour surrounded by white and blue sky. The fact that only one third of the football is covered in sunlight makes the ball stand out more. I also like how the ball is passing through the goalposts.”

 Sean B., Grade 10
3rd Prize, Grades 10 – 12
“Heart stopping, breathtaking, with a feeling like no other that leaves onlookers in awe! In this thrilling, undeveloped area my friend and I found a natural playground that we have used as a set of hair raising dirt bike jumps. This photo captures a true glimpse of what St. Albert is like behind the state of the art buildings and contemporary homes. I feel privileged to have this area so close to my home.”

Grace-Anne, Grade 8
3rd Prize, Grades 7- 9
“This photo is of my dog Coal playing in a park close to my house where I have lived my whole life. My dog Coal is a Belgian shepherd mix and was also a foster dog. We got Coal from H.A.R.T. humane animal rescue team and was abused. Coal is really important to me he is more then a dog he’s family.”

 Amy, Grade 6
1st Prize, Grades 3 – 6
“One day, when I was taking photos of the sunset from my backyard in St. Albert, I saw a hot air balloon and a paraglider. The paraglider was circling around the hot air balloon. I took the photo because it’s not every day you see a hot air balloon and a paraglider playing in the sky.”

 Holly, Grade 9
2nd Prize, Grades 7 – 9
“Every year around Thanksgiving my family goes for a hike through the Riverlot 56 Natural Area to enjoy the sights and smells of Autumn. These two girls are my younger sisters.”

Serena, Grade 7
1st Prize, Grades 7 – 9
“Me and my friends like to go to the Forest Lawn Ravine. One day we found a swing hanging from a tree and thought it would be a good play to play.”

Samantha R., Grade 11
2nd Prize, Grades 10 – 12
“I chose this photo because it displays the theme of ‘Play’ perfectly. The smile on the boys’ face while playing on the swing shows how happy he is to be at the park, playing. By definition, to play means to engage in an activity for enjoyment, and the little boys face shows nothing but pure joy.”

Dan, Grade 10
1st Prize, Grades 10 – 12
“I took this picture of my brother Ben playing Pacman on the Xbox 360; I think it represents play for a great many teenagers. I took the picture in the dark without the use of a flash because I feel this gave the picture greater contrast and definition. I also think the picture represents play over several decades because Ben is playing a retro game on a modern console.”