Staff Profile: Featuring Merlin Rosser

Continuing with our staff profiles, this week features Merlin Rosser, Heritage Sites Manager.

Merlin, along with Mayor Crouse, at the Harvest Festival last year.

My name is Merlin Rosser, I am the Heritage Sites Manager for the Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert. As an historical archaeologist I really dig historical resources. Other training includes:  heritage conservation, history and education. My responsibilities are to supervise the preservation, restoration, conservation, security and maintenance of St. Albert’s significant heritage buildings and sites under the stewardship of the Arts & Heritage Foundation of St. Albert. At present we have four conservation projects on the go. We are continuing to restore the Chevigny House and will complete the exterior restoration by the end of this summer. We will also be beginning conservation activities on the Hogan House, Cunningham House and the Brosseau Granary this summer. Working in association with the City of St Albert, the restoration of these buildings represents the beginning of Phase II in the development of St. Albert’s Historical Park. In the last few years we have completed the restoration of the Little White School and both of the Grain Elevators. The Little White School house, the Grain Elevators and the Train Station will all be open to the public throughout this coming summer.

Stay tuned as Merlin shares his experiences about the conservation projects taking place. You can get to know more about Merlin and his Chevigny House restoration project through two articles featuring him in the St. Albert Gazette: Making history come alive, and Restoring layers of history.