Spring along the Sturgeon River: Transportation

The Sturgeon River has been providing plants, animals and people with important resources for over 5,000 years. Today we enjoy walking the pathways along the river and getting a glimpse of muskrats or birds.

For many years the river provided transportation by canoe or boat. Then, as today, winter is long and when the river freezes over other types of transportation was needed. Dogsledding or snowshoeing are great ways to travel quickly over snow. Check out St. Albert’s Founders’ Walk for more history about the river and downtown area.

Though we cannot welcome you into the Discovery Room at the Musée Héritage Museum this Spring Break, we do invite you to get outside and enjoy a walk or bike ride along the Sturgeon River when it warms up later this week!

We have activity sheets for you to print at home and if you are  interested in identifying local birds and plants the gift shop in the museum is open and has copies of BLESS Bird Guide and Plant Guide.

To find out more about the books in our gift shop go to museeheritage.ca or call 780 459-1528.

Happy Spring Break everyone!