Spring along the Sturgeon River: Baby birds

As the snow and ice melts away, the baby animals come out to play! They wobble around on new legs or test out their tiny wings for the first time. While is it tempting to cuddle or handle these adorable baby animals, they are happier growing up in the wild.

But what do I do if the baby bird falls out of the nest?! First, it is a myth that touching a baby bird will leave a scent and cause the mother to abandon the chick. So, if the bird is a nestling you can put it back in the nest if it can be safely moved.

Second, most baby birds you come across have not been abandoned by their parent bird. They are doing what baby birds do: test their wings and learn to fly. Sometimes, we must try, try and try again before we can succeed.

If you have found a wild animal that needs to be relocated or requires medical attention, WildNorth is Alberta’s wildlife rescue association and they are trained to handle wild animals’ safely.

Photo and duck rescue information can be found at Vetwest. When you are walking along the Sturgeon River over the Spring Break holiday watch for signs of birds building nests and be sure not to disturb them.  See how many different birds you find returning to St. Albert for the spring and summer months.

For information about programs or walking tours led by interpretive staff at the Musée Héritage Museum go to museeheritage.ca