Spring along the Sturgeon River: Animal names in Cree

People have travelled through the Sturgeon River valley for thousands of years observing the changing seasons and sharing their observations in a variety of different languages.  This blog shares some of the animal names in the Cree language.See if you can say these words in Cree:

Words in Cree for Animals
(and a couple of extras)

Hello – tânisi

My name is – kisiýihkâsow

Bear – maskwa

Owl – ôhow

Little Owl – ôhowsis

Duck – sîsîp

Goose – niska

Muskrat – wacask

Rabbit – wâpos

Moose – môswa

River – sîpiy

Sturgeon – namêw

Try matching the animal photos with their Cree and English names here.

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