Some books to consider at the Musée!

Stop in at the Musée Héritage Museum Gift Shop & see our selection of books.

Here are just a few of titles you will find in the gift shop:



“The Sun Traveller” by Elizabeth Macpherson. This is the story of the Callihoos in Alberta that includes histories, adventures, pictures and genealogy of generations of Callihoo families. When you stop in, be sure to allow extra time to go through The Michel Band Exhibition as well.









“Walking in the Woods: A Métis Memoir” by Herb Belcourt. Herb’s book was first published in 2006; this is an updated version with a new preface by the author. Belcourt gives us a noteworthy book of his life, the Belcourt family and the many experiences over the years.

“Fingerweaving Untangled” is a very well illustrated beginner’s guide to fingerweaving. As a starter, Carol James gives a short list of basic materials to get started followed by step-by-step instructions for a friendship bracelet. The book then goes on to sashes and has many patterns to chose from.

We also have a variety of Children’s books in the Gift Shop; including “The Bannock Book” and two books in English, French & Cree “Discovering Words” and “Discovering Numbers”. Discovering Animals will be arriving soon!

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