On the Road Again: Rocks and Minerals



Two Grade 3 classes hosted Roy, one of the Musee Heritage Museum Education Programmers, at their school as he presented the Rocks and Minerals program. He was impressed with their knowledge of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Everyone enjoyed passing around the all of the rocks and minerals he took with him to the school, and no, the Museum does not have large examples of diamonds!




No program is complete without hands-on activities and Roy and the grade 3 students spent time sorting and classifying rocks, creating their own multicoloured mineral deposits and mixing up a solution of liquids to mimic a volcano erupting.  Things can get a little messy but the volcano was by far the most impressive activity and well worth it!

img_0047  img_0051

It is always so much fun to bring a museum program to the classroom! Thanks grade 3’s for a great day!