Night at the Museum, 2016

            Where can you find talking statues of Wop May, Terry Fox, the Famous Five, Sir Isaac Brock, Don Cherry, Pierre Trudeau, Emily Carr, Chris Hadfield, Chief Crowfoot, and a host of other important, historical Canadian characters? Why, only at the Night at the (Musée Héritage) Museum event of course!





Every year, Leo Nickerson Elementary School holds its Heritage Fair,  students research historical Canadian characters and create costumes that represent their characters. Each student has a “button” (usually just a round sticker) on his or her hand, and when someone presses the button, the “statue” comes to life and tells a quick, but detailed, story of that historical character’s life, as well as some information about why that character is important to Canada’s history.



For the last few years, the event has been held at St. Albert Place, with “statues” inside the museum and the first floor of St. Albert Place.  Statues line the halls, from the atrium area all the way down past the library toward the craft studios. This season, we had over 220 grade 4 and 5 students for Night at the Museum!


It is always a very fun event, with lots of amazing characters, interesting stories, and fantastic costumes. Click through the photos below of these wonderful characters. All of the students did a great job! We at the museum were thrilled to help host the event, and we all look forward to next year!  Have a look below, do you know these historic Canadian figures?

DSC04658 DSC04665 DSC04667  DSC04670 DSC04675 DSC04679 DSC04682 DSC04683 DSC04686 DSC04689 DSC04691 DSC04697 DSC04703 DSC04706 DSC04717 DSC04718 DSC04719   DSC04720    DSC04669