Night at the Museum, 2015

May is the time of the year when historic Canadian figures come to life at the Musée Héritage Museum!


If you dropped by the museum on the night of May 13, 2015, you would have “met” many great Canadians including such figures as Father Lacombe, Wayne Gretzky, Louis Riel, Nellie McClung, Terry Fox, Fay Wray, David Thompson, James Wolfe, Sir Issac Brock, Lois Hole, Louis-Joseph de Montcalm, Joni Mitchell, David Suzuki, and Princess Louise Caroline Alberta just to name a few!

The museum, and the rest of St. Albert Place, was packed with Grade 4, 5, and 6 students from Leo Nickerson Elementary School.


The evening is the result of a school project where students research and then become a historic figure by dressing up for the part and giving a first person narrative. 




Once the students are all set up visitors simply press the red button on the hand of a historic figure and they come to life!

Volunteer judges from our community listen to, and then comment on, the presentations given by the students. 

The historic figures speak in either English or French when they share their information.   



Proud family members  and friends watched and listened as students “morphed” into some of Canada’s iconic historic figures. 

 Excellent work Leo Nickerson students!  Thank you for sharing your refreshing and informative presentations about the people who are part of Canada’s history.  This is always a fun night at the museum and we look forward to it each year.  Take a look through the photos below and test your knowledge to see if you know the stories of the different historic visitors who chose to drop in and enlighten us at Night at the Museum 2015!  

James Wolfe and Louis-Joseph de Montcalm
John Acorn
Louis Durand
Pierre-Esprit Radisson

Simon Fraser

Annie May Jackson