Night at the Museum, 2014

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, the Musée Héritage Museum hosted one of our favourite events of the year, Night at the Museum. Some of our special Canadian guests included Nellie McClung, Billy Bishop, Father Lacombe, Victoria Callihoo, Tim Horton, Emily Murphy, Alexander Rutherford, Jacques Plante, and John Ware! 
Musée was “jam packed” with historic figures and their families and friends

Grade 4, 5, and 6 students from Leo Nickerson Elementary School in St. Albert set up throughout the Musée and the rest of St. Albert Place. Each student took the persona of a historic Canadian figure by dressing up in costume and delivering a first person monologue on their subject. All one had to do was step up to each student and press the red button on their hands in order to have the historic figures come to life!  

Students lined up in St. Albert Place.

Students get ready as judges are about to arrive.

    Judges also went around to mark and comment on
    their presentations, which were delivered in
    both English and French.

Judges listening to presentations.
 Thank you to all Leo Nickerson students , your presentations were splendid! We at the museum always enjoy this event as we learn so much about all kinds of Canadians past and present.
Take a look at some of the pictures below and see if you know how all of these Canadians have contributed to our communities, our country and the world.

Famous Five: Louise McKinney, Henrietta Edwards, Irene Parlby, Emily Murphy, and Nellie McClung
Bart Clark

Marilyn Bell
Doug Henning
James McKay
Victoria Callihoo
Alexander Rutherford
Nellie McClung
Aaron Bold
Billy Bishop
Nellie McClung
Henrietta Edwards comes to life to share her story!