Night at the Museum, 2011

On Saturday, March 19, 2011 the Musée Héritage Museum hosted a special event and a number of historic and contemporary, well known Canadians dropped in! Historic guests included Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy, Louis Riel, Anne Murray, Dr. Ruth Nakai and Queen Elizabeth II!

Actually Grade 5 and Grade 6 students from Leo Nickerson Elementary School, in St. Albert, came in to display their History Fair projects.  The theme this year was “Night at the Museum” and each student took on the persona of a historic figure. By dressing up and delivering a first person monologue each child shared, in a very unique way, what they had learned about their chosen subject.

All you had to do was press the big red button on their hands and the character would come to life!  Really great idea and lots of fun for the students and visitors!  Thank you Andrea and Leo Nickerson students for your presentations—they were awesome!!

Check out the pictures!

Lois Hole (Julianna)

Star Trek’s “Scotty” – James Doohan (Claire)

Les Rogers (Gracie) – The Canadian Curling Skip 
Winning the Canadian Senior Curling Championship in 2005

One of the Famous Five – Nellie McClung (Sabrina)
Billy Bishop (Kade) – Canadian WWI flying ace

Ann of Green Gables (Tayden)
Speaking about her author Lucy Maud Montgomery

Louis Riel (Ian)

Two more of the Famous Five…

Emily Murphy (Celina)


Nellie McClung (Kristyn)