Museum Moment: Virtual Indigenous Programs

When Grade One teacher Nicole Roe from Bon Accord Community School approached the Musée Héritage Museum to do a program about moccasins, we were only too glad to work with her!

One of our new Virtual Aboriginal Programs is Moccasins. Grade One students in Bon Accord were given a 15 minute “show and tell” with various samples of moccasins from the museum collection. Our Indigenous Education Programmer, Celina, shared what they were made of, how each was different, and how they were decorated. We discussed what the patterns and shapes we see might mean, and how different groups of people use different patterns to identify.

We had already delivered a package of supplies to the school before the program date and it had the supplies ready for the students to create a paper moccasin.

After seeing our samples, the students were invited to plan a pattern for the vamp and the cuff, and then decorate the pieces, while thinking about what was important to them and incorporating that into their pattern.

The Grade 1 students put a lot of thought into how they wanted their moccasin to look. We were so happy to see the great moccasins that they created!

Thanks to Ms Roe and Ms McEachren’s Grade One classes for sharing photos of their work.

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