Museum Moment: TRC Calls to Action

In 2015 the Truth and Reconciliation Commission presented Canada with 94 Calls to Actions and from that came the Community Healing Garden committee for St. Albert. This committee included guidance from local Elder Tony Arcand, residential school survivors and community stake holders.

The Healing Garden site in St. Albert was chosen after many heart felt meetings, guidance and prayer with our Elder and in consultation with survivors.  Teachers and students were an important part of the project as children from local schools planted paper Hearts of Intention on the spot where our Elder had placed tobacco, once the committee agreed where the healing garden would be located.

We encourage you to take a walk along the River and visit Kakismokamik and enjoy the peace and also to check out these links for more information and to see the Opening celebration for Kakismokamik that happened in September 2017.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Actions, pertaining to Museums and Archives

For more information about the Healing Garden, the full list of the TRC Calls to Actions, and resources on the history of residential schools, please visit: