Museum Moment: New Inuit Education Kit

We have a NEW Inuit Education Kit at the Musée Héritage Museum to offer teachers, community groups, and anyone interested in learning more about the Aboriginal People of the Canadian Arctic.

One of the three Aboriginal groups of Canada, Inuit people have a rich culture that you can explore through Inuktitut language resources, replica tools, genuine artifacts, furs, artworks, crafts, games, and other activities. Learn how the Inuit people thrive in one of the worlds most challenging environments, the Arctic.

Our education kit is a great local resource for learning about Inuit culture and way of life.

One of the best ways to learn about Aboriginal culture in Canada is to listen to the stories of the Elders.  Listen to Gjoa Haven Elder Rebecca Iquollag talk about the Inuit Way. For more videos about inter-generational knowledge and teachings visit Gjoa Haven Reel Youth.

Have you ever heard the wonderful Inuit throat singing game played between Inuit women and girls? These two-youth throat sing three songs and share the meaning behind these songs. The best part is that the game only ends when laughter is shared.

In our NEW Inuit Education Kit, we provide a pair of replica snow goggles that help prevent snow blindness. Kids can make their own pair of snow goggles and test it outside on a sunny winter day.

Please email or call 780-459-1528 to see when the NEW Inuit Education Kit is available for you to explore the unique and resilient Inuit culture!

Cost to rent the kit is $20.00 a week.