Museum Moment: Hole Family Collection


Good Things Come in Big Packages!

It was with a heavy heart that we watched the closing of Hole’s Greenhouses last year, nearly 70 years after Ted and Lois Hole bought their first home in St. Albert. Their contributions to both the City of St. Albert and the Province is immeasurable.

Lois and Ted Hole – 1984


As their sons Bill and Jim shut down operations and cleaned out the last of the family memorabilia that remained in their buildings and offices, the Musée Héritage Museum received a call. They had “a couple of boxes” of framed photos, posters etc. that they would like to donate. Much to our surprise, their idea of a box was a little bigger than we had imagined. A truck arrived at St. Albert Place and unloaded a pumpkin box full of frames (you know, the kind you choose your pumpkin from at the grocery store!) It came with two other slightly smaller boxes. In total, there were over 100 images and prints that will become part of our archives. They also dropped off a box of work clothes from Ted and Lois and other clothing pieces from the family business.

A photo collage of the beloved John Deere 1020


Then Bill called to say he had some other large items, one of which was Ted and Lois’ first tractor, a 1948 John Deere 1020. In “Lois Hole Speaks”, edited by Mark Lisac, Lois recounts how Ted researched for a couple of days before settling on buying a John Deere. The tractor has now found a new home at the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park where it will help to tell the story of St. Albert’s rich Agricultural History and help us all to remember how great it has been to have the Holes as part of the community.

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