Museum Moment: Farewell to our Program Manager

Sharon Morin, the Program Manager at the Musée Héritage Museum, will be leaving the Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert at the end of January 2021. She will continue to work in programming and more closely serving Métis communities across Canada. Sharon has been an integral part of our team. She, along with our director, were responsible for developing the great programs we deliver at the museum including online virtual programming this past year. Sharon started working at the museum in 2005 and has worked closely with all of our different departments.

Sharon has been a great colleague and mentor for all of us at the museum.  We have learned from her wisdom, and appreciate how she has shared her knowledge, with warmth and understanding, particularly with respect to Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.

We can truly say Sharon’s tireless efforts in programming has had an impact on the museum and our community.  We wish Sharon the absolute best in her new role.  She will be missed by all of us here at the museum, and by the hundreds of teachers and students who have stepped through our doors to participate in a program with her over the past sixteen years.

The very best to you Sharon always, from all of us.

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