Museum Moment: Discovery Room to commemorate Year of the Garden


Come explore our interactive and family friendly Discovery Room space at the Musée Héritage Museum! Kids can search through the gallery exhibitions with a variety of scavenger hunt. Here you will find educational puzzles and games for families to play. Each month we change up the Discovery Room with different themes, activities, and crafts. Everything we put out is easy to keep clean and safe for you.



2022 is the Year of the Garden, and we plan on celebrating all things nature! Starting in April and continuing through the spring and summer, we are going to unearth the mysteries of soil. Together, let’s look deep into the soil and find out what wonderful things are under our feet.



Right now in the Discovery Room, you can learn the Cree and French words for animals, see local animals by completing puzzles, build a cozy log cabin with Lincoln Logs, and show your support for Ukraine with take home colouring sheets.

There is always something fun to do at the Discovery Room at Musée Héritage Museum! So come on down to check it out. And feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 780-459-1528 or

Spring is just around the corner. Here are some spring craft ideas for the kids.

The weather is warming up. Get the family outside and searching with this scavenger hunt.