Museum Moment: Canada and Afghanistan

This November in 2021, we are remembering the Canadian troops and people of Afghanistan who helped them in their thirteen-year effort to stabilize the country.

More than 40,000 members of the Canadian Armed Forces served and 158 Canadian soldiers died during the Afghanistan mission.

Recently, American forces pulled out of Afghanistan marking the end of their 20-year involvement in the region. This has left a dangerous and frightening situation in the country since the Taliban have again seized power. The lives of women and girls have been particularly effected as they lose access to education and many other freedoms that they had gained over the last two decades.

Our Remembrance Day display features a selection of photographs by professional photographer David Bowering, a St. Albert Resident who was embedded with troops in Afghanistan for four months. Images of breathtaking landscapes and poignant human experiences make Bowering’s photographs emotionally stirring and thought provoking.

Meet Nasir Qaderi

We also have the story of Nasir Qaderi, who fled Afghanistan in 1989. For nearly twenty years, Nasir devoted all his energy to getting his family out of Afghanistan, first his new wife Malaka, and then his ailing mother and sister’s families. On his return visits to Afghanistan, Nasir worked with Canadian troops to help rebuild his country. For the last 30 years, he and Malaka have lived in St. Albert, raising their family, and building a successful business.

Nasir in Afghanistan with General “Lou”, courtesy of Nasir Qaderi

Please visit the Musée Héritage Museum through Remembrance Day to see these feature photographs by David Bowering and the story of Nasir Qaderi. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or call 780-459-1528.