Museum Moment: Archives and Artifacts

Welcome to our first Museum Moment! In the clip above, our archivist gives you a sneak peek of our storage area. The Musée Héritage Museum collects both archival materials and artifacts. There is a difference between the two, watch the video for an explanation.

After watching the video, test yourself with this activity to identify what is an artifact and what would be considered archival materials:

Once you’re done, or feel stumped, check out the answer key here:

The important thing to note is that our museum collects items related to the St. Albert region. We have to make careful decisions about whether an item fits our mandate to collect, if it truly is a unique piece that helps give information or tells a St. Albert story, before we decide to add an item to our collections. Here’s another activity to help illustrate archives and artifacts:

Tune back later this week for an Archives Moment, where you will see our oldest piece in the archives!