Métis presentations at Edmonton Public Libraries

The Edmonton Public Libraries invited the Museé Heritáge Museum back this summer for a series of Métis presentations at their library branches in Edmonton.

Our programmers are sharing Leah Dorian’s “The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Métis Story”, sharing museum artifacts and doing a beading craft.

Interestingly, Leah Dorian first heard “The Giving Tree” story from  Métis Elder Frank Tompkins in Saskatoon while working with the Métis Veterans.  Children learn about the role of family members and the importance of sharing from “The Giving Tree” book.

Alex and Roy share programming objects from the Musée Héritage Museum Métis Kit.  A favourite item is the wooden spoons that are passed around, children love to take turns banging the wooden spoons on their knees and hearing the  sounds being made.

The beading craft brings children and parents back together, and both enjoy making the colourful flowers with pony beads.

We look forward to visiting more of the Edmonton library branches in August!  To discover where we will be in August go to The Giving Tree or for more information about the Musée Héritage Museum go to museeheritage.ca