Love in the Archives

In honour of Valentine’s Day, this blog post features some archival material about love and Valentine’s Day. When it comes to love and archives, we often think of love letters or diary entries, but our archives does not currently have such materials in its holdings.  However, we did find some interesting material on love.

Valentine’s Cards
These Valentines cards were circulated in Saskatchewan and date to the 1930s.


Unwanted Love
This prayer card expresses a woman’s unhappiness in a new marriage.
Back of Prayer card – Mary Callihoo fonds, 1985.48.05

Front of Prayer card  – Mary Callihoo fonds,  1985.48.05

In the early 1900s, dating was more frequently referred to as courting, and it seems to have involved a ride in a horse drawn carriage.
George Loiselle and Bernadette Hébert courting, 1908, 2003.01.1583
Wedding Fashion
The Musée Héritage Museum Archives holds numerous wedding photographs from early families in St. Albert.
Unidentified couple, 1800s, 2011.03


George Loiselle and Bernadette Hébert wedding, Oct. 12, 1909, 2003.01.1582
Philippe Sevigny and Lillie Morasse wedding, 1912, 2003.01.1652    
William Soetaert and Florence Durocher wedding, Dec. 27, 1938, 2003.01.1450
Sommers’ wedding, June 25, 1943, 2003.01.1239