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Curriculum links: Inuit, Canada’s Dynamic Communities, Aboriginal Peoples, Physical Geography of Canada, Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada.

One of the three aboriginal groups of Canada, Inuit people have a rich culture that you can explore through Inuktitut language resources, replica tools, furs, artworks, crafts, games, and other fun activities. Learn how the Inuit people thrive in one of the worlds most challenging environments, the arctic.

World War I: On the Home Front and in the Trenches

Curriculum links: Stories, Histories and Peoples of Alberta, Shaping an Identity, Historical Thinking, World War I

It’s been over a century since the beginning of the First World War. This kit contains objects and activities to assist groups investigating the world during the Great War years. Explore Canada’s role in the war through a variety of media including wartime posters, music, poetry, letters, and photographs. Hands-on activities include writing letters to soldiers serving, creating care packages for Canadian soldiers serving in the trenches (needs vs. wants), a pattern to make a paper Glengarry cap, and a uniform identification game. Also included is a colorful PowerPoint presentation, word searches, and a list of additional resources about the Great War.

All in a Day’s Work

Curriculum links: A Community in the Past, Alberta History, Ways of life in Canada

There are chores that always need to be done, but the way we do them and the tools we use have changed over time. Explore the artifacts in this kit and find out how people did their chores before electricity existed! This kit includes objects, books, old-fashioned games, and information regarding the social roles of boys and girls.

The Métis: Lifestyle and the Voyageur

Curriculum Links: Canada’s Dynamic Communities, Stories and People of Alberta, Changing Ways of Life

Métis people played important roles in the development of Western Canada. They were voyageurs, guides, interpreters, freemen, farmers, and fur trade employees who as they moved yest, they helped establish and settle many communities. This kit contains objects and resource materials that can help introduce a new unit, provide an overview, or aid a lesson plan.

The Bison (The General Store of the Plains)

Curriculum Links: Canada’s Dynamic Communities, Stories and People of Alberta, Changing Ways of Life

Is it buffalo or bison? Help your students learn the history behind this question. Your group will have the opportunity to look closely at bones, fur, projectile points, and other items included in the kit. They will also learn how and why the Aboriginal people depended on the buffalo for their livelihood.