Hogan/Belcourt House conservation – Part 4: Exterior Features

Over the past year we have posted blogs about the restoration work that is happening on the River Lots site.  Below are three links to past posts and a new one about the conservation of the houses we are restoring.

The Hogan/Belcourt House

Buildings Tell Stories

Hogan/Belcourt House Conservation

Continuing with our conservation series of blogs on the Hogan/Belcourt house, on River Lot 24 in St. Albert, we are looking at the exterior of the house which must be assessed and restored according to what remains.

Figure 1 shows you what the original porch was like when we began the restoration process for the house. We virtually had to remove the entire veranda, replace the framework and all of the upright elements, the newel posts, the skirting and the railings. We where able to replicate the newel posts at a mill in Vancouver. They had a eight foot flatbed lathe which allowed them to turn down new posts using one of our old ones for a pattern. We put piles down into the ground attached the main framework to these. See Figure 2.

We then applied a new deck, skirting and railings. Figure 3 shows the finished product. Once we completed restoration of the exterior it was time to begin work on the interior of the house.