Hogan/Belcourt House – Buildings Tell Stories



Once the foundation was poured and cured we moved the building back onto the new foundation and began the restoration activities on the structure itself.


For safety reasons we removed the exterior walls of the kitchen and uncovered some useful information. The building provided us with the outline of the original porch, which covered the entrance way into the main floor of the house. Measurements, physical appearance and construction techniques were made available, thanks to the imprint on the wall, providing visual and physical information we did not previously have.

Removing the wall also revealed that there had been another entrance door at some time on the far side of the kitchen (photo above) and also that the water cistern was located under the kitchen floor. The cistern was used to store fresh water for kitchen activities before water service was provided by the City.






Removing the siding from the main walls of the house and exposing the structural 2X4’s, on what is today the north and south walls of the main structure, revealed some interesting designs built into the bracing of the walls!

Any thoughts as to what this shape might symbolize or mean?