Heritage Sites Moment: The Conservation of St. Albert’s Grain Elevators

The 1929 green elevator has received some conservation and aesthetic attention this past month at the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park. To date, the logo and the top two-thirds of the elevator have received a fresh coat of green paint.

Not only does this enhance the elevator’s beauty, but it also serves as an important step in the conservation of this 91-year-old structure. Paint acts as a protective barrier to the aging wood. Over time, paint develops micro-cracks, leaving the surface underneath it more vulnerable to the natural elements and the process of destruction and decay. Therefore, about every seven years our grain elevators require a fresh coat of paint to ensure the continued integrity of these historically significant buildings.

The next steps in the repainting process focus on the lower third of the elevator. Currently, the old paint and primer are being scraped off this part of the elevator and then the new primer and paint will be painted onto the building.

In the meantime, the area surrounding the elevators is closed to the public. Visitors are welcome to enjoy guided interpretation of the grain elevators from a safe distance, and our train station and river lots are open for tours as well, Wednesday – Sunday from 1pm – 5pm.

For more information on our grain elevators go to museeheritage.ca

And for information about the ongoing conservation of the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park, please contact merlinr@artsandheritage.ca