Heritage Sites Moment: Restoration


In this Heritage Site Moment video, you’ll see our Heritage Sites Facilities Manager talk about restoration work that has been going on for a number of years at our river lot sites.  River lot 24, the Metis river lot, includes the Belcourt and Cunningham Houses.  River lot 23, the Francophone river lot,  includes the Chevigny House and Brosseau Granary.

To learn more about this work at our heritage sites, please visit the links below:

Heritage sites restoration work in 2017

Beginning of restoration work on Chevigny house in 2011

Restoration work on Chevigny house in 2012

Hogan/Belcourt House

Hogan/Belcourt House conservation

Hogan/Belcourt House – Buildings tell stories

Hogan/Belcourt House exterior features

Hogan/Belcourt House interior features

Hogan/Belcourt House – more interior features

Ever wonder how people move buildings? You may want to check out this video below where we physically moved the Cunningham and the Hogan/Belcourt houses in 2015 for the restoration work:


For a summary of our heritage buildings on River Lots 23 and 24, please visit our website: http://museeheritage.ca/heritage-sites/future-developments/