Heritage Sites Moment: Restoration Completed on Maison Chevigny

In 2020 restoration was completed on Maison Chevigny located on historic River Lot 23. The restoration process took place over the course of several years, starting with the donation and physical relocation of Maison Chevigny in 2008. 

In 2012 the house was stabilized, and repairs were made to the logs on the exterior walls, and in 2016 the house was moved onto its permanent foundation on River Lot 23.




The 2020 restorations focused primarily on the interior of the house. Wall panelling was installed and painted, the ceiling panels were salvaged and painted where possible or otherwise replaced, and wall coverings, in this case brown paper with a calcimine finish, were hung in the upstairs bedrooms.




The work also included installing new lighting and recreating the staircase to the upstairs as well as the back porch. A few modern interventions were also made during this process, including the installation of a furnace, safety barriers, an accessible ramp, an alarm system, and a new staircase accessing the new basement.


We are all so excited to show you Maison Chevigny, as well as the other buildings located on River lots 23 & 24, when it is safe to do so.

Please keep an eye on the Arts and Heritage website for updated visiting information: museeheritage.ca