Heritage Sites Moment: Heritage and Horticulture


At the St. Albert Grain Elevator park this spring, we have been busy weeding and planting our unique raised beds to be ready for you to see this summer. We plant these gardens each year to highlight the agricultural theme of the park and demonstrate what farmers were growing in this area over 100 years ago.

We designed our vegetable gardens to grow a lush, green curtain of foliage with warm blooms of yellow, orange, and red and planted nasturtium, sunflowers, cucumbers, Scarlett Runner pole beans, and buttercup squash that will climb vertically up the wire fence. Other key elements of our garden design are companion planting and square foot gardening. These methods help us keep our gardens pest free by using the natural characteristics of these plants. Marigold are planted among the vegetables to deter pests in the soil.


One of our unique raised garden beds is spiral herb garden. The center of the brick spiral produces a warm ecosystem, the brick absorbs solar heat and then passes this warmth on to the plants throughout the night. This simple trick allows us to grow a variety of different herbs, such as parsley, thyme, basil, oregano, and cilantro, that bathe in the warmth of the red brick.



Bees have been busy harvesting from the purple bloom of the perennial chives from previous seasons as well.






Our HugelKultur garden will also ignite your curiosity.. This horticultural method comes from Germany and transforms logs and branches into a self-composting raised bed.

Sweet peas and petunias have been planted this season so if you visit our site later this summer you should see the sweet peas climbing up a hand made lattice. You can learn more about HugelKultur gardens by clicking the link below.



Visit us at St. Albert Grain Elevator Park for a guided tour of our heritage buildings and gardens.

Currently the St. Albert Grain Elevator site is open Wednesday to Sunday from 1:00 pm to 5:00pm. For more information visit the website at museeheritage.ca