Heritage Sites Moment: Harvesting for the Food Bank


This week we harvested our first load of freshly grown veggies for the St. Albert Food Bank and Community Village. This will be the first, and smaller, of two harvests planned for this year. Our staff planted these beds of vegetables in the spring, and will continue to care for the remaining produce until the fall.




Next year, as our community garden grows, community members who garden their own plots will be encouraged to help care for beds of root vegetables for the food bank. Through this larger community initiative, our donations can grow. If you are interested in having a community garden plot, or volunteering with our community garden next year, please contact our Heritage Sites Curator, Jessica at hscurator@artsandheritage.ca .

As a part of our larger community garden project, we plan to align with several needs of our community. In addition to growing fresh produce for the Food Bank, we have pollinator beds to serve our buzzing friends, we will be planting a traditional Metis herb garden in honour of Dr. Anne Anderson, and will have accessible garden beds for those who need it.


We are so excited to welcome all kinds of visitors to our site as our garden develops into an accessible gardening hub of education and community. And it’s not just humans that visit our site, have a look at who dropped by the garden this week  garden visitor 


Special thanks to the TD Foundation and the Whole Kids Foundation for contributing funding that helps our gardens grow at the river lot heritage sites!