Great Canadian Flag Debate Contest 2018

Canada Day at the Little White School was a lot of fun this year! As in previous years, we ran our “Great Canadian Flag Debate” contest, which asks participants to come up with a new, creative design for the Canadian Flag. This contest hearkens back to 1964, when the Canadian government was deciding on a national flag for our nation. The government asked the populace for ideas, and some 3,500 different designs were submitted by citizens across Canada!

The designs sent to Ottawa in 1964 were often very colourful and creative, with great use of Canadian symbolism. The flags that our contest participants came up with at the Little White School this year, as in previous years, were just as colourful, creative, and symbolic.

We had three age categories this year: “7 and under,” “8 to 12,” and “13 and up.” There were so many great designs, that it really was tough to choose winners! In the end, we settled on one for each category. Some of criteria we used for choosing included creativity, use of Canadian symbols, amount of thought put in, and, quite importantly, would it actually make a good national flag.

For the “7 and under” category, we went with five-year-old Sam’s flag, depicting a bright green maple tree, complete with a few falling maple leaves.

For the “8 to 12” category, we chose ten-year-old Gwenyth’s flag, which is a twist on the traditional Canadian flag. What was especially impressive about her flag was the time and effort put into it, including a written description on the back, explaining why she had drawn her flag the way she did.

Finally, for the “13 and up” category, we picked 21-year-old Annika’s meticulously designed flag. Annika has been competing in our contest for many years in a row now, and her designs are always favourites to win the competition each year!

Because this year’s contest was so tight, especially the “8 to 12” category, we’ve included photos of a few special mentions to Evie (8), Lily (12), Isabelle (11), and Abigail (8), whose flags were seriously considered for first prize, as well. Thank you to everyone who came out to the Little White School and our other heritage sites on Canada Day. We hope to see you again next season!