Girl Guides and our shared heritage

Last week a group of Girl Guides visited the Musée Héritage Museum to complete their Heritage Badge and were genuinely surprised to find out that St. Albert is older than Canada by 6 years!

We talked about Canadian currency and looked closely at the images and scenes found on our money. We discussed what these images portray and then brainstormed what other people can learn about Canada by looking at the images and symbols.

Discussion continued about the people whose images are engraved on Canadian money and what someone would need to accomplish to be considered a worthy candidate to have their portrait displayed on a coin or bill.Heritage badge

The Guides were excited to learn that for the first time a Canadian woman, Viola Desmond (1914-1965), will be featured on the new $10 bill in 2018. Viola, a businesswoman in Nova Scotia challenged the racial segregation imposed at a film theatre  in her community in 1946.

Before heading home the Girl Guides got busy designing their own Canadian loonies by picking symbols they each thought reflected who they are as individuals living in Canada.

It was a delight to have this group of Girl Guides visit the Museum and spend an evening learning about our shared heritage.

Below is the link from the Bank of Canada announcing Viola Desmond as the first Canadian woman on Canada’s bills.