From the Archives: “Where the Spirit Soars”

With winter upon us, the Musée Héritage Museum Archives would like to celebrate winter activities and sports in St. Albert!

On Feb. 3, 1992, St. Albert was selected to host the 1994 Alberta Winter Games. The St. Albert Games Society was formed that same year to begin preparations. Over the next year, they organized promotional events and publicity in preparation for the Winter Games in St. Albert.

Vicky Belzil wrote the music and lyrics to the 1994 Alberta Winter Games song, “Where the Spirit Soars,” which was also the motto for that year’s Winter Games.


There was an official mascot, Sparkle, and Alberta Winter Games clothing.

The opening ceremony for the Winter Games was held on March 3, 1994. With 21 major indoor and outdoor competitive sports, the Winter Games involved over 2,000 athletes and their friends, family, and supporters. Over the next three days, these sports events were held in various locations around St. Albert and Edmonton.

In addition to sporting events, the St. Albert Games Society organized cultural and community events alongside the Winter Games. The St. Albert Library sponsored a Young Writers’ Short Story Contest. The Musée Héritage Museum developed special sports exhibits. The St. Albert Painter’s Guild created two murals for the Campbell Arena. The Creative Glass Guild produced stained glass windows that were installed in St. Albert Place. And there was also an Icicles and Sparkles fashion show.

The 1994 Alberta Winter Games held its closing ceremony on March 6, 1994. Young athletes from across Alberta headed home having experienced a taste of St. Albert’s hospitality and community spirit.

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