From the Archives: St. Albert District Scouts

Scouts badges. St. Albert District Scouts fonds, 2015.29.

The Musée Héritage Museum Archives has finished processing records from the St. Albert District Scouts. These records include some wonderful photographs and badges that show the various programs and activities of the St. Albert Scouts.

In 1961, the Landing Trail District for Scouts was formed with St. Albert in the centre of this new district. Its inaugural meeting was on Oct. 24, 1961 at the Community Hall in St. Albert. And the first Scouts groups in St. Albert were the 1st St. Albert and 2nd St. Albert, which used the basement of the Catholic church as their Scout hall.

In 1977, St. Albert was ratified as a District in its own right and was named the St. Albert District.

St. Albert Cub-O-Ree activities, 1980-1983. St. Albert District Scouts fonds, 2015.29

In 1987, the first St. Albert District Camp Bones Wolf Cub Camp was held at Skeleton Lake. Four separate camps over a month period were held each year from then on through to 1994.

Camp Bones, 1992. St. Albert District Scouts fonds, 2015.29.110.

The Scouts organized various other activities pictured below, including Kub Kar rallies, Bicycle rallies, participating in the Rainmaker Rodeo parade, raft races, and Beaver Winter Games.

In September 2000, the St. Albert District was dissolved to become a part of the larger Northern Lights Region.

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Scouts badges. St. Albert District Scouts fonds, 2015.29.