From the Archives: “Food fit for a king”

      Klondike Inn artwork mockups

The Klondike Inn was opened by brothers Ted and Karl Hauptman in August 1965 as St. Albert’s first fast food restaurant. Located on St. Albert Trail and Gervais Road, the name of the restaurant was inspired by success of the new Klondike Days Exposition in Edmonton. Accordingly, the original menu featured Goldburgers, Goldrush Specials, Golden Nuggets, etc.

In his memoirs, Karl Hauptman recalls the restaurant as “the first of its kind. The Klondike Inn was more like a family eating and recreation centre with picnic tables and a kiddies playground with swings and slides.” The restaurant quickly became a fixture of St. Albert and not only residents of St. Albert, but also of Edmonton and surrounding districts, made the Klondike Inn their favourite eating place.

In 1981, the original restaurant location was demolished and the Klondike Inn moved into Village Tree Mall. The Klondike Inn closed its doors in February 1999.

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