From the Archives: Annexation

In 1979, the City of Edmonton applied to annex parts of the County of Parkland, the Municipal District of Sturgeon, and the whole of St. Albert. In response to this application, the Government of Alberta announced that it would make its final decision after a panel of the Local Authorities Board (LAB) had completed extensive hearings. These hearings resulted in the creation of reports and studies and transcripts of the entire process.

In St. Albert, the St. Albert Citizens’ Committee formed as an ad hoc group of St. Albert residents opposed to the annexation and committed to ensuring that the City of St. Albert would not be amalgamated with the City of Edmonton. This Committee organized various anti-annexation events, which resulted in the creation of photographs and other anti-annexation records.

Through a grant from the Archives Society of Alberta, the Musée Héritage Museum Archives has finished processing all these related records, and they are now available on our archival database for research and reference:

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