February Round-up: Community Programs

February 2015 was a busy month at the Musée Héritage Museum and Heritage Sites! 

Family Day bookmark making with the AGSA at the Little White School

  Community programs took place at the Museum, St. Albert Grain Elevator Park, and as outreach programs at local schools and seniors homes.  Below is a recap of some of our community programs in February.


St. Albertans took to the hills – Seven Hills – for tobogganing on Family Day, dropping by the Little White School for hot chocolate and cookies and a “craft break” with the Art Gallery of St. Albert.

Other events in February included;

  • Weddings and family photos at the train station, a serene winter setting for smaller gatherings.
  • Cubs and Scouts groups at the museum to do their Aboriginal Awareness and Canadian Heritage badges – what could be a better location for these badges than a museum? 
  • A local seniors home, and a North Edmonton school, borrowed some of our portable Education Kits and had programmers Tori and Sharon come out to talk about St. Albert’s history, using objects, photos, and information from the kits to connect to their own experiences. 
  • A University of Alberta student joined us for a day to “job shadow”  and learn about the different jobs that exist in a museum. 
  • Student teachers, preparing for their practicums, came out for the fourth year in a row to learn more about the Metis of Alberta and gain an understanding of their history in the province.                                                                             

Mayor Crouse trying out birch bark biting


With the new Exhibition, Wus’kwiy/ Waskway: From Berry Baskets to Souvenirs, we brought in guest instructor Holly Yuzicapi to teach birch bark biting and birch bark basket making using contemporary materials.

Making birch bark baskets 

Birch bark bitings using transfer paper
If you’re interested in booking a community program with the Musée Héritage Museum, check out our website MuseeHeritage.ca or contact the Program Manager at 780-459-1528.