Eek! Fest at the Musée!

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, Eek! Fest invaded St. Albert Place. This pop-culture and “nerd”- culture extravaganza brought in a lot of visitors, many of whom were cosplaying as their favourite movie, cartoon, and video game characters. The Musée Héritage Museum itself had more than 400 people come through its doors!

We showed clips of vintage 80s and 90s video games on the smart board, and on the TV screen in the Discovery Room. These clips got a lot of attention, with some visitors experiencing nostalgic flashbacks, and young visitors mesmerized by the 8 and 16 bit graphics.

Arts and Heritage staff brought in a bunch of their most prized pop culture memorabilia, and we set up several display cases to show all of it to the public. These displays received a lot of attention, too.

Finally, we had two different types of pixel art projects that visitors could take part in: colour-by-number video game characters, and a project in which participants glued inch by inch squares of coloured construction paper onto a grid to make their own pixelated pictures. The whole event was a lot of fun!

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