Early published issues of the St. Albert Gazette are now available online

Front page of St. Albert Gazette, 1 Jan. 1949.

Early issues of the St. Albert Gazette newspaper have been digitized and are now full-text searchable on the Peel’s Prairie Provinces website, split into the various incarnations of the paper:

St. Albert Gazette, 1949 – 1953.
St. Albert Gazette, 1961 – 1966.
The Gazette, 1966 – 1970.
St. Albert & Sturgeon Gazette, 1970 – 1974.
The Gazette, 1974 – 1989.

The St. Albert Gazette provided print issues, and the Musée Héritage Museum and St. Albert Public Library provided microfilmed copies of the paper to this digitization project. The Peel’s Prairie Provinces, administrated by the University of Alberta, is an online resource of books, pamphlets, and other materials related to western Canadian history and prairie culture. The site has a full-text searchable collection of many of the items, including newspapers.

Also available in digitized form is an earlier newspaper from St. Albert, known as the St. Albert Star / Étoile de St. Albert. This paper was published from 1912-1914 and was issued in both English and French. What is interesting about this paper is that it would often have unique articles with respect to  English and French issues. Thus, the two issues catered to both the English and French speaking people, respectively.

The Musée Héritage Museum Archives also has the physical prints of the St. Albert Gazette and some copies of the St. Albert Star / Étoile de St. Albert.  Currently the museum has a 1915 issue of Les Progrès Albertain on display as part of our World War I exhibit.  Les Progrès Albertain was a French newspaper printed during the time of the war. The public is welcome to view any of these prints. If you would like to see these papers, please email the Musée Héritage Museum Archives or phone 780 459 1528.