Discovery Room: Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Have you seen the celestial shower of green, blue, and red dancing across the night sky? These curtains of lights have many names including northern lights, Aurora Polaris, and night-time Aurora. These light shows are seen around the world, but most often around the north and south pole, which has made them a symbol of the north.

Northern lights have fascinated people and cultures around the world and throughout history. There are many myths and legends that explore the meaning and mystery of the northern lights and wonderful stories inspired by the northern lights.

So, what exactly are they, how are they made, and are they only found here on earth? Watch this northern lights video which explains the science behind northern lights.


DID YOU KNOW: Not far from Edmonton, AB is the Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve where you can get a beautiful view of the night sky.

Are you feeling inspired by the northern lights? Here is a colourful craft you can try:

Northern Lights Pastel Craft

 St. Albert Gazette reported on the electrifying northern lights in 1977:

February is also Black History Month! The Breton and District Museum invites you to “Learn the stories of the African American pioneers who settled the Breton area, which they originally called Keystone.”

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