Discover our new Discovery Room theme!

Now that you’ve seen the transformation of the temporary gallery to our new exhibition, Wus’kwiy/ Waskway: From Berry Baskets to Souvenirs, it’s time to take a look at our Discovery Room, which was revamped at the same time as the exhibition. 

Themed activities, books, and a display of some of the programming team’s baskets.
Some members of the programming team had their own great collections of birch bark baskets, so we continued the theme of the exhibition into the Discovery Room.  You’ll notice we made some big changes, including painting a wall and moving some of our large objects around!

We painted a birch forest mural to go with the “forest” in the exhibition. We also have a special story displayed on the digital photo frame!

Our feature crafts include a basket making and berry collecting activity, threading using the pattern from a birch bark biting, and weaving paper mats.
Wus’kwiy/ Waskway: From Berry Baskets to Souvenirs runs from January 27 – April 12 at the Musée Héritage Museum.  
Check out the special programming for this exhibition, including birch bark biting on Saturday, February 14, and basket making on Saturday, February 28. Check out the Exhibitions & Events on the website for more information.