Canada Day 2015

Canada Day 2015 at the St. Albert Heritage Sites 

JP and historic objects
At the train station visitors were invited to take a close look at “old” objects and guess how they might have been used.  There were a lot of creative ideas, guesses and laughter at this location!  Thank you JP for setting this up.

Walking by the train station you could also hear , some of our visitors were playing tunes on the community piano inside while others listened to the live music outdoors.

And at the Little White School…                                                           
One of the activities, which was actually written about in the St. Albert Gazette, was the Great Canadian Flag Debate Contest, held at the Little White School. This annual contest received about 70 entries this year, with lots of people showing off their creativity. 
We ask contest entrants to pretend it is 1964, and then have them create a flag design to submit to the government for consideration to become the National Flag of Canada.  

We asked entrants to think about what Canada means to them and then think of a unique design using symbols that represent Canada.  

There were four age categories: 5 and under, 6 to 9 years of age, 10 to 12 years of age, and 13 and over.  With so many entrants, it was difficult to choose winners, but we managed to narrow it down to one winner per category.  The winners were: Evie, 5 years old, for her “Beaver” flag; Sabrina, 8 years old; Hannah, 12 years old; and finally, Annika & Caitlin, 18 & 20 years old.  

Annika & Caitlin even provided a write-up to explain their flag: “Left corner is the North Star, representing leadership and wisdom; colour range is red, white, black, blue, and brown… in honour of our British, French and Canadian roots.  Black and blue honour the RCMP ribbon and brown for the Mountie.  Tipi on bottom right honours Canadian First Nations.  3 maple leaves respect past flags and our interpretation of the French, English and Canadian sides.”

Trying some homemade ice cream

Father Lacombe Chapel Provincial Historic Site

Tours inside the chapel

Canada Day 2015 was a great day to celebrate in St. Albert, Alberta!